Several years ago I was thumbing through some of my Small Business Opportunities I had received as a gift subscription from my brother, because I wanted to see which ads and offers were consistently in the magazine. The reason I did this was because I knew how much those advertisers were paying to be there, and I knew they wouldn’t be consistently paying for ads that weren’t profitable…unless they were just stupid.

I spotted a simple ad for Lazy Wealth ( and decided to give the site a looksy. It looks like it was designed in 1994 and never updated except for the opportunities that it had listed. It seems legit and reached out to the site owner to get some feedback on offline marketing, since apparently it seemed to be working for him and I was just starting to dive into the world of offline advertising.

I emailed the site owner Larry Oxenham, and within 24 hours I had arranged a phone call with him. He generously gave me about an hour of his time, telling me his background and of his slow and steady success with offline marketing. Other than his website, this guy has focused 100% on offline marketing, get this…for over 20 years! Crazy!

Although most of his home based businesses were very unglamorous, he had a surprisingly great record of picking opportunities that seemed to stand the test of time. And while we were on the phone, he mentioned he and his partner were starting up their own home based business opportunity called Vanguard Global Ventures.

When he explained it to me I was blown away. I consider myself pretty badass when it comes to developing marketing strategies and systems and I was very impressed by the system they had developed with Vanguard. Like many of Larry’s other opportunities Vanguard didn’t have a pretty shell, but it was simple and it worked.

It took me a few months before I joined, but ever since I did, I have not been let down.

So, what exactly is Vanguard Global Ventures?

In a nutshell it’s a home business that involves postcards. The postcards are the product. If you’ve been apart of any network marketing or MLM business, you know that you have to be selling a product or service to get paid, otherwise you are part of a ponzi scheme.

Now, the beautiful thing about Vanguard is that the postcards are not only the product, but they are your marketing as well. See, the main reason why 99% of all people who join business opportunities fail is that they have zero marketing or leadership skills.

Vanguard eliminates the need for those skills. You basically just plug in. Select a package that is comfortable for you (and you can increase or decrease this at any time) setup your back office, and then sit back as leads roll in month after month. Now, Vanguard is not some magical fairy dust get-rich-quick scheme. Do not expect to get wealthy overnight. It’s just a numbers game. Out of all the postcards that are sent out, a percentage of people will optin to your landing page for more information. And a percentage of those people will upgrade on their own to a paying customer.

In my experience I’ve found that for every 100 postcards that went out, about 1 person joined, so about 1%, which actually isn’t that bad in comparison to online marketing stats.

Now, Vanguard is also an international opportunity. They actually have several┬álevels of postcard packages, but basically it breaks down into two sets. Done-for-you and Do-it-yourself. If you’re in the US, you can choose either. I’m lazy and don’t have a lot of time, so I chose Done-for-you, which means that once you select your package and get all your back office info entered in, Vanguard will take care of all the postage and mailing of your postcards. But with the do-it-yourself packages, they will mail you the postcards and leads and you will be responsible for peeling and sticking the labels on the postcards and dropping them in the mail. If you’re not located in the US, you’ll have to go with one of the done-for-you packages.

So, that’s basically it.

Their slogan is “We do the work, you keep the money” and as cheesy as it sounds it has proven to be true.

It’s honestly the most simple and effortless program I’ve ever been apart of.

To learn more about Vanguard you can check out this recorded call below…

What do the actual postcards look like that go out?


Pretty ugly, huh?

But, again, they seem to work.

For a lot of people this is honestly the perfect opportunity they’re looking for…

To learn more about Vanguard click the link below…